Evolving on the ground, as drone technology advances above

Our History

We began as a drone manufacturer. When it became apparent there was no mechanism of enforcement to protect against their misuse, we set out to invent a counter-drone solution.

Our Future

Pioneering the safe integration of drones into society, WhiteFox’s mission is to keep the sky open for responsible pilots, advancing drone technology for a better world.

Luke Fox

Founder and CEO of WhiteFox

Luke Fox is CEO of WhiteFox, a global leader in drone airspace security. Pioneering the safe integration of drones into society, WhiteFox products securely manage drones in sensitive airspace worldwide.
Prior to WhiteFox, Luke successfully built and operated cyber-forensics and high-performance drone manufacturing companies. During this time, he came to recognize the power drones have to change the world—it just depends whose hands they are in. This realization spurred Luke’s vision for establishing a comprehensive market solution to ensure drones fly safely and legally.

Featured Thought Leader

Dr. Zachary Peterson

Head of Autonomous Vehicle Security at WhiteFox

Dr. Zachary Peterson is one of the world’s leading experts on cybersecurity. He was recently appointed a cybersecurity fellow by New America, a think tank based in Washington DC. Dr. Peterson is an Associate Professor of Computer Science, focusing on secure systems, applied cryptography, and computer security education, at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

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WhiteFox is the fastest growing drone airspace security company, developing a technology, business, and industry.

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We offer comprehensive healthcare and dental coverage, as well as flexible work schedules and an unlimited PTO policy.

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Headquartered in San Luis Obispo, CA—halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles—and enjoying 12 versions of summer each year.

Reaching the Future Together