Looking for work? Don't just build an app. Build the future.


Dream of your work making a real difference? One day soon, drones will alter entire cityscapes. But that future can only happen once a framework to manage the drone airspace is implemented.

1st time on live TV: a drone operator caught flying illegally.

What was the risk?

WhiteFox wins multiple AUVSI XCELLENCE awards 2 years in a row.

How the company repeated its success at AUVSI XPONENTIAL: the largest trade show for unmanned and autonomous systems in the world.

49ers VP of Security: “drones are consuming our attention right now.”

Security Law

In Russ Butler’s view, mitigation of drones needs to be an option to protect sensitive airpace--but not for the reason you might be thinking.

3 takeaways from Opening Keynote of ISC West - the largest security event in the US.

Security Law

William N. Bryan of DHS spoke to the convergence of physical and cyber-security, drone identity, & the collaboration of govt. with the private sector.

Drone News Brief | Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019

News Podcast

Bird-sized Facebook drones, another airport shut down due to a drone, & New Zealand using drones to exterminate rats.

Your flight is minutes from landing. Then you see a drone.

On Friday, March 22nd in Frankfurt, a drone once again flew too close to a plane. Will it take a tragedy before change is demanded?

Should homeowners be able to sue drone operators for flying over their property?

Law Drone

Our answer to the ULC's latest proposed draft of the Tort Law Relating to Drones Act.

Drones make noise. Here are 5 reasons we should learn to put up with it.


Disruptive technology usually faces pushback. Here's why drones are worth societal changes.

What is UTM? And how does it relate to our data?

UTM Data

Major players like NASA, Intel, and Amazon have developed frameworks and tested concepts, but UTM still isn't there yet.

5 months have passed since the FAA Reauthorization Act became law. It's time to act now.


In October the federal government was granted power to mitigate high-risk and unlawful drones. But there's still no strategy to enact counter-drone systems.

Here's why the counter-drone industry needs standardized testing & evaluation.

Counter-drone Law

A common misconception even within the drone industry is all counter-drone systems are unfit for urban or domestic environments. This isn't the case.