The Most Portable
Counter-Drone Technology

Take security with you.

Scorpion is a drone-detection and mitigation solution perfect for mobile units. Designed to have an optimized footprint, Scorpion is the size of a deck of cards. You can fasten it to a harness or flak jacket, or simply put it in your pocket. Scorpion does not hinder movement of its user--personnel wearing Scorpion can be on foot or stationary.

Fly your drone fleet
while stopping drone threats.

Scorpion is engineered with intelligent Whitelist capabilities. Unlike jammers that knock out all communications within a region of airspace, Scorpion precisely selects the targeted drone threat and denies its communication, specifically. Sync your drones with Scorpion only once and they’ll remain unaffected when Scorpion’s in mitigate mode.




unwanted drones.

Rogue or malicious drones come from all angles. Whether you’re protecting a parade, out on a SWAT mission, or in transit, Scorpion detects, identifies, and defeats drone threats automatically. Simply switch your device into mitigate mode and let Scorpion create its protective dome around you, wherever you go. If an unauthorized drone enters into its spherical radius, Scorpion automatically takes control of the drone by denying communication with its operator. Drones are limited to 2.4GHz.

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